Our Vision for attendance is:

‘Listen, understand, empathise and support – but do not tolerate’

At Horndean Infant School, we believe that every child gets one chance to get the best education. If they are not in school, they are not learning. Every day counts.

It is a known fact that the performance of pupils with poor levels of attendance will be adversely affected by not being in education and they will be at risk of falling behind their peers in terms of progress and sometimes their social development, too. We work hard to challenge misconceptions about what ‘good’ attendance looks like and ensure parents and children understand what attendance percentages really mean in terms of missed learning (number of days).

We use clear and consistently applied systems and processes to improve, reward and incentivise attendance and to support families in overcoming barriers. You can find this information within our attendance strategy 2023/24.

The following leaflets have been shared with all schools within the Horndean cluster.