A Warm Welcome!

Welcome to Horndean Infant School Nursery. We are situated in a semi-rural environment within the village of Horndean. Our nursery is attached to Horndean Infant School and we value greatly our connection with the school and the local community.  The nursery opened in September 2015 and we have places for 20 children each day.

‘In the early years, leaders have made sure that learning is highly focused and purposeful.’ Ofsted, July 2022

‘Staff in Reception and Nursery know each pupil exceptionally well.’ Ofsted, July 2022

Vision & Aims


Childhood is a magical time, and as such, we believe that the early years are a crucial time for children’s learning and development. At Horndean Infant School Nursery, our intention is for children to reach their fullest possible potential through the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum. We recognise that children need to be literate and numerate but also that they need to be fully prepared and equipped to access the next stage of their education confidently with the appropriate life skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to be successful in their learning.

Our curriculum is designed to challenge our young children in the rapidly changing times in which they live. We want our children to be tolerant, respectful individuals who embrace and celebrate difference and diversity. We also actively encourage children to be interested in the world around them, to be able to ask questions and to be inquisitive. We encourage children to believe in themselves, to be aspirational and to always challenge themselves, helping them to become thoughtful, successful and independent learners. We want our children to be resilient, creative thinkers and curious learners who are confident, happy and ready to try new things and learn new skills in preparation for full time education and the rest of their lives. By every measure, our approach looks and feels like play, but careful observation highlights the intentional integration of skills and inquiry that makes play the most fruitful opportunity for learning and growth.


  • To value each child as a unique individual with their own needs, experiences and attitudes and instill a sense of value, independence and responsibility which allows each child to take their place in the nursery community.


  • To provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment for children to learn, play and develop.
  • To provide an atmosphere where every child is valued, appreciated and their ideas and contributions are acknowledged and celebrated.
  • To provide high quality learning opportunities that enable children to achieve their best, demonstrate their full potential and stimulate a love of learning.
  • To provide a relevant, well-resourced curriculum which allows children to develop concepts, skills and knowledge in a meaningful way and at a developmentally appropriate level, giving equal opportunity to all.
  • To recognise the unique contribution of all adults and to promote an atmosphere that supports team co-operation and parent partnership.

Age Range, Opening Times & Fees

Our nursery school accepts children from 3 years old to school age. We offer flexible sessions and nursery funding and vouchers can be used.

Our nursery operates 40 Weeks a year and is open from 8.30am – 3.30pm. From September 2024, the hourly rate is £5.50. You may book in 30 minute slots. Fees are paid monthly in advance.

We are registered to accept nursery funding and we operate a term time Standard (38 weeks) Offer. More about this will be clearly explained upon further inquiry.

We are also offering 30 hours funding wherever possible, please contact us for current availability.

Nursery Facilities

The facilities within the nursery are designed so that the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage are met and adhered to. The nursery is situated within a classroom along the corridor which accompanies the schools Foundation Stage classrooms for Reception children.  This allows us to share resources with the Foundation Stage to further enhance children’s play and learning experiences.

The nursery room has designated areas of learning. Each area allows for children to easily view and access the toys and resources that they wish to play with so that they are not restricted in their choices throughout the day.  Areas of learning include a role play, dressing up and small world area to support children’s imaginative play. We also have a messy play area for art and craft activities, as well as sand and water play.

We have a large construction area with a mixture of large and smaller construction toys. Additionally, we have a maths and mark making area for children to develop their early number, reading and writing skills. Children also have access to a book corner which features a reading den so that children can enjoy books in a cosy and quiet space.

The nursery is fortunate to have a large interactive white board and small iPads for the children to use. These are used to enhance children’s understanding of technology and we use educational based apps to support this. Children are limited to time on the iPads and interactive white board during the day.

Children have the opportunity to free-flow between the indoor and outdoor environment throughout the day. The nursey has its own separate courtyard area where outdoor activities can take place. As well as this, the nursery utilises the school playground when school children are in class. Along with the freedom this large area affords to play team games, they also have the use of the trikes, scooters & bikes, the musical instruments and the fabulous trim trail!

The nursery classroom has its own toilet facilities and separate changing facilities close by so that children can be adequately supervised when using the toilet.

The nursery uses an online based observation system called ‘Tapestry’ which allows staff to update children’s online learning journeys weekly with the activities they have taken part in at nursery. Parents are asked to consent to the nursery setting up an online profile for their child and are then given a password to access their child’s learning journey. This allows parents to keep up to date with their child’s learning at nursery. Additionally, parents are encouraged to add their own observations of their children at home which helps ensure good partnership working between nursery and home.

The nursery children also take part in Forest School sessions led by a qualified Forest School teacher. Children enjoy playing hide and seek in the forest, finding objects and sitting around the fire-pit. Additionally, the nursery children can partake in multi-skills sessions where qualified sports professionals use the school hall to organise fun activities focusing on children’s physical development such as their balancing and co-ordination skills.

Nursery Daily Routine

Our daily routine is listed below. It includes a variety of learning opportunities for children during the day, and we ensure that we cover the seven areas of the EYFS within these. Whilst children have the opportunity to free-flow between the areas in the room and the outdoors to explore their own interests, adult also plan in adult-led activities or enhancements for children to engage with throughout the day.  

8:30am Funky Fingers & Settling In Activities  A mixture of activities which aim to develop children’s fine motor skills. This also includes dough disco and write dance.  
9:15am Welcome & Circle Time  Children join in whole class circle time to focus on an area of personal, social and emotional development and/or communication and language development. 
9:30am Discovery Time & Snack and Chat 

Children can free-flow between the indoor classroom and outdoor area to take part in activities. 

Children can choose when they have snack during this time. 

11:00  Tidy & Sparkle Time  Children tidy and then review their learning.
11:05am Phonics   Children have the opportunity to engage in a group or whole class Phase 1 phonics activity. 
11.15am Outdoor Play    Children go out onto the school playground to take part in a range of gross motor activities. 
11.45am Story / Show & Tell  Children’s choice of story or show and tell. 
12.00pm LUNCH TIME
1.00pm Move It / Sticky Kids / Yoga Children take part in dancing and movements that will engage their brains for the afternoon! 
1.05pm Mental Maths Children have the opportunity to engage in a group or whole class maths activity. 
1.15pm Outdoor Play Children go out onto the school playground to take part in a range of gross motor activities. 
1.45pm Discovery Time Children can free-flow between the indoor classroom and outdoor area to take part in activities. 
2.45pm Tidy & Sparkle Time  Children tidy and then review their learning. 
2.50pm Singing & Ring Games  Children take part in singing songs and ring games. 
3.00pm Wow Activity & Quiet Games  A special activity is planned in for those children who stay with us later in the afternoon. They can choose in partake in quiet games alongside this.

Staffing & Keyworkers


At Horndean Infant School Nursery, we are proud to have such a dedicated and highly skilled staff team. Our staff team currently consists of four members of staff: 

Miss B Knott – Early Years Teacher & Nursery Lead (QTS & EYTS) 

Mrs C Ellis-Ware – Nursery Room Leader (Level 3) 

Mrs J Limburn – Nursery Keyworker (Level 3) 

Miss S Harrison – Nursery Keyworker & SENCo (Level 3) 

Miss I Parr – Nursery Keyworker (Level 3)

All staff are DBS checked and have relevant Paediatric First Aid and Food Hygiene qualifications which are updated regularly. As well as this, staff regularly attend training courses, conferences and briefings to ensure that their knowledge of the Early Years curriculum is up to date, and so that they can provide the best learning experiences for children. 


On taking up a place at our nursery, each child will be allocated a keyworker. It is the keyworkers role to ensure that your child enjoys their time at nursery and to offer them learning experiences that will help them progress and learn the key skills they need before they start school. Therefore, your child’s keyworker will be responsible for your child’s learning and development and helping them to bond a settle in.

Because the bonding process is such an important part of the keyworker role and to ensure that your child settles into nursery with ease, keyworkers will be allocated to children on an initial basis and will then be reviewed six weeks after your child has started. If your child has formed a stronger bond with a different member of staff after those six weeks, then we can make arrangements for them to change keyworkers so that they are more comfortable. You will, of course be notified if any change is made.

Lunch & Snack Time

All children have a midmorning snack of fruit and milk or water. We use a ‘rolling snack’ approach whereby children choose when they wish to have snack during the morning session. This allows children to respond to their own needs when they feel hungry and prevents their play being interrupted by adults. We use snack time to introduce the children to new foods. Examples include trying noodles, prawn crackers and spring rolls as part of our learning about Chinese New Year or pancakes on Pancake Day.  

Lunchtime is between 12pm – 1pm. You have the option to either provide a packed lunch for your child, or you can order a school hot dinner. School dinners are charged at £3 per meal and are payable online in advance. Children are able to choose from meat and vegetarian options on the day that they have a hot dinner and this will be noted down by nursery staff.  

The nursery has a dedicated area within the room for children to eat their lunch and have snack. We are fortunate to have extra staff cover during lunchtimes to ensure that our ratios are met. 

We view mealtimes as a social event and as such, staff sit with children at tables during lunch and snack times. We encourage the children to discuss anything from their day to day experiences, what they have enjoyed playing with at nursery that day or something related to our current topic. Sometimes we use pictures as a stimulus to support children in their conversations. At other times, we play relaxing music whilst the children eat. 

Children are encouraged to be independent and we support children in selecting their own cups, plates and cutlery. Children also learn to pour their own water, cut up their own food, open wrappers and packets and even peel their own oranges.  


We have an optional uniform if parents should wish to purchase this.

Please see the price list below:

Items Price
Sweatshirt (Age 3-4 Years) £10.50
Cardigan (Age 3-4 Years) £10.50
Polo T-Shirt (Age 3-4 Years) £7.25
Bookbag £4.00

Nursery Tour & Taster Session

After an initial enquiry is made, you will be offered a short tour of the nursery by a member of the nursery team. They will be happy to answer and questions or queries you have on the day. Following this, before you decide to take up a place for your child, you will offered a one hour taster session where your child will be able to experience the nursery for themselves. This can be with or without the parent. If you decide to take up a place for your child, a welcome pack will be provided which will include more information.

Access & Security

Access to the nursery is operated by an intercom at the nursery gate entrance and answered directly by the nursery team. The nursery is then located between two further locked gates which will be opened for you by a member of staff. For security, the gates will be locked at 9:10am so it is important for the children to arrive on time. 

When arriving at the nursery we encourage children to walk into the nursery without you. This is an important first step to independence. There will often be times when you may need to speak to the teacher or your child’s keyworker. Whilst we encourage regular parental involvement, please take into consideration that staff are very busy welcoming and preparing the children in the morning and therefore you may need to make an appointment with them after school.   

At home time, your child will be collected from the nursery door. For your child’s safety we will not allow the children to leave until a member of staff has seen you. We only release children to people designated on your child’s ‘Collection Arrangement’ form. The Nursery operates on a password system. If anyone other than yourself or a person listed on your child’s collection arrangement form is going to be collecting your child please contact the nursery or the school office, and the person who is collecting your child needs to be aware of the password. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a time which describes your child’s life between birth and age 5. This is a very important stage as it helps your child get ready for school as well as preparing them for their future learning and successes. From when your child is born up until the age of 5, their early years’ experience should be happy, active, exciting, fun and secure; and support their development, care and learning needs. Nurseries, pre-schools, reception classes and childminders registered to deliver the EYFS must follow a legal document called the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (2021).

The EYFS Framework explains how and what your child will be learning to support their development. Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development. Children should mostly develop the 3 prime areas first. These are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning. As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in 4 specific areas. These are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

These 7 areas are used to plan your child’s learning and activities. We will make sure that the activities are suited to your child’s unique needs and interests. Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside. These are called the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning which describe your child’s attitudes and approach to their learning.

How do we deliver the EYFS at Horndean Infant School Nursery?

The Nursery curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021) and other experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning and developmental needs of the children in our Nursery, allowing them to flourish. The curriculum provides children with memorable experiences, in addition to diverse and rich opportunities from which they can learn and develop a range of transferable skills. British values are ingrained within the Nursery curriculum and are taught throughout the year.

We begin each year by looking at the individual needs of our children and their different starting points and with this information in mind; we are then able to plan a range of broad and balanced learning experiences. Nursery staff use their knowledge of the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning to ensure that they plan appropriate activities and organise the provision in a way that demonstrates a clear understanding of the way in which our children are motivated to learn.

We know that all of our children are unique, with their own individual fascinations and it is for this reason that we believe a balance of child and adult led activities is crucial in order for our children to become fully engaged and excited by their learning. We feel that effective provision both indoors and out are based on a clear understanding of

what we want our children to learn and how we plan to achieve this. We want our children to be independent in accessing quality play-based experiences that encourage them to notice, question and wonder. Effective interactions between staff and children and regular home-nursery communication ensures that our curriculum planning and provision is flexible and continuously adapted to meet the needs of all learners and to reflect children’s needs and interests as they continue to develop and grow.

Learning is most effective with spaced opportunity for repetition, consolidation and using and applying new skills. The Nursery curriculum is progressive and allows children to encounter concepts more than once and apply new skills in different contexts. Half-termly topics allow children to encounter new learning, skills and experiences and increase their understanding of different vocabulary. Children are able to engage in enquiry and skill based learning, as a well as situations where they can solve problems and take on challenges to extend their expertise. Topics are cross curricular so that children make connections across each area of the EYFS in a purposeful way. Each topic begins with a ‘stunning start’ activity and big question which is designed to engage the children and draw them into the topic, as well as assess children’s prior knowledge and skills. Topics then end in a ‘fabulous finish’ which involves opportunities such as dress-up days, trips, visits or parents invited in to celebrate children’s learning with them. Whilst the Nursery curriculum is topic based, it does have a flexible approach and uses a mixture of both objective-led planning and in the moment planning to ensure that children learn in a way that best reflects their current interests and fascinations. Plan-Do-Review allows children to be part of the planning process and supports staff in being responsive to children’s needs and understanding children’s interests so that these can be incorporated into planned activities and within the provision; in addition to topic-related activities. Our topics are delivered over a two year cycle and include:

Year 1

  • Autumn Term 1: Marvellous Me & Kaleidoscopes and Rainbows
  • Autumn Term 2: Dark Nights and Special Lights & The Magic Toy Box
  • Spring Term 1: Adventures into Storyland & Winter Wonderland
  • Spring Term 2: To The Rescue!
  • Summer Term 1: Roots, Shoots and Muddy Boots
  • Summer Term 2: Let’s Explore! & Time to Shine!

We celebrate different festivals and cultures throughout the year and adjust our plan to recognise the faiths and cultures of children and families within the Nursery. This is further supported through our ‘cultural suitcases’ initiative. Examples of events and religious festivals celebrated in Nursery include: The Harvest Festival, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Halloween, Armistice Day, Children in Need, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, E-Safety Day, Mother’s Day, Word Book Day, Red Nose Day, Holi, Easter, Earth Day, World Ocean Day, Father’s Day and Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr.

In order to ensure all children achieve their potential we enhance the curriculum and help to develop children’s cultural capital by providing children with the opportunity to take part in:

  • Forest School activities each week
  • Multi-skills sessions each week.
  • Visits to the school library twice every half term.
  • A cooking activity every half term
  • A range of cultural experiences and visits into nursery.
  • Trips out into the community.
  • Workshops

Parent Partnership

The Nursery values parents and carers as one of the most vital aspects in supporting a child’s early development. Their involvement is crucial and subsequently parents are encouraged to be as involved as possible in their children’s journey throughout Nursery. We use Tapestry as our online learning journals to celebrate children’s achievements, record observations, assess and track children’s progress and to identify their next steps.  

Regular parent’s meetings, topic letters, stay and play sessions and workshops ensure that parents are kept up to date with their children’s development and progress and are fully aware of how they can continue to support their children’s learning at home. Our online learning journals offer the opportunity for parents/family members to send information about their children’s news and achievements outside of nursery and this provides us with a really well-rounded picture of our children.

School Readiness and the Transition to School

A big part of our role is preparing children for their transition to school. Going to school is both an exciting and nervous time for children and parents alike. However, we strive to ensure that this transition is a smooth as possible for both you and your child.

During the Summer term before your child starts school, we begin to focus more heavily on transition related activities and school ready skills. We have a dedicated topic called ‘Time to Shine!’ to help facilitate this. Working closely with the school allows us to make the transition smooth and more contextual for children. Children have the opportunity in the Summer term to spend some afternoons in the Foundation Stage classrooms to become accustomed to the school environment, staff and to integrate with school life.

Parent consultations allow your child’s keyworker to meet with you at the end of the Spring Term to discuss your child’s transition to school and what specific things they will be working on with your child in the Summer term to prepare them further. In addition, you will receive a formal written report in the summer term about your child’s progress and readiness for school.

Whilst many children at our nursery do transition to Horndean Infant School, school places are not guaranteed on the basis that your child attends our nursery. Hampshire County Council is responsible for the allocation of school places and the school has its own admissions criteria.

Special Educational Needs

Our curriculum ensures that no child is left behind. We aim to provide differentiated activities to ensure that all children have every opportunity to achieve their full potential. Baseline assessments conducted within the first six weeks of a child starting Nursery help to identify any areas of additional support that a child may need so that intervention, personalised activities or referrals to outside agencies can be made early on. 

The nursery has a dedicated Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo), Miss S Harrison. Another member of staff, Mrs Ellis-Ware has also had Early Years SENCo training. The nursery works closely with the school’s SENCo, Mrs E Buckley to ensure that any child who is identified as having additional needs has the opportunity to take part in more targeted learning and play activities or access specialist support if necessary. 


Thank you for everything you have done to make my little one grow into a confident little boy. He loves nursery and would come every day. He has learnt so much this past year and he is now ready for school.


We cannot explain how happy we are with the nursery, my child’s development has come on leaps and bounds and this is largely down to the love and support he receives at nursery. Thank you so much!


Coming to Horndean Infant School Nursery has prepared my son perfectly for starting school. He has grown so much since starting and has gained so much confidence and knowledge. I am so grateful to the teaching team, we will both miss them dearly & I cannot thank them enough for the care they have given him.


I kept my daughter home for an extra term to wait for a place with you after loving what my son had previously achieved being in nursery here. Would and have recommend to anyone.


An incredible team of staff who are always so welcoming to my daughter every morning. She’s always so excited to be going in, which is always a nice feeling when you then have to go straight to work afterwards. It’s also nice to see the activities set out for the day ready for the children to enjoy, clearly a lot of planning and prep has gone into this to ensure the children have lots of fun whilst learning.


Honestly, I have loved every step of my child’s journey with the Nursery team & the care & support they’ve given him! I am so pleased I chose this nursery for him & can’t wait for his journey to continue into the school! Thank you so much for everything! You have really helped this overthinking mum out!


“Thanks so much to all of you for making my child so welcome at nursery. She has had a wonderful time with you. It’s been the perfect start for school. We are so grateful for everything and will miss you all!”


“We have been so impressed with the nursery and really feel lucky that the boys have had a year there before they start school. The staff are all lovely and work really hard to ensure the children have a fantastic range of learning opportunities. Really impressed with how often Tapestry is updated – this is great for chatting to the boys about what they have been up to. The boys have really grown in confidence since being at the nursery and they are learning so much all the time. Thank you!”


“My child has really enjoyed nursery and flourished there. She used to be super shy but has come out of her shell due to the encouraging and caring nature of the staff. She has made fantastic progress and is more school ready because of the strong links with the Infant school.”


“Fantastic nursery and team. I would highly recommend it to others. My children have been well cared for and given opportunities to develop and prepare for school”


“Just a huge thank you to all the teachers for making our daughter feel welcomed and loved. There was not a single day when she said she did not want to go to nursery and to us as parents it says that she is truly made welcomed there and taken good care of! Thank you!”


“I would like to thank all of the staff at the nursery for everything. My child has settled in well here and has grown in confidence. It was the best decision we could have made to send him here. Thank you!”


“The activities and learning topics have been expansive and age appropriate and have supported learning of English and Maths excellently. The nursery is also incredibly welcoming and supportive of both parents and children and has brought a previously shy little girl to her full confidence.”


“The Nursery team prepare a huge range of exciting and innovative activities, there is always a wow moment when my child gets through the door in the morning! The teachers are very friendly, approachable and well informed about her next steps. My child absolutely loves the nursery and has really developed some great friendships which is definitely having a positive effect on her transition to Year F.”


“The biggest strength is the staff. Each member of the team is approachable, caring and compassionate. I always feel at ease leaving my child in their care as I know he is well cared for and a valued member of the nursery community. From the beginning we were made to feel so welcome and at ease and I am so grateful for the outstanding care my child has received during his time at the nursery. I only wish I moved him sooner!”


Quality Care and Learning

You can find out about the care and learning experiences offered to children at our nursery in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework by checking the Government’s official inspection body for early years, Ofsted. You can find this information at www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report.

Furthermore, all of our policies are available to view at any time, just ask one of the nursery staff or contact the school office using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Nursery Tour & Taster Session

After an initial enquiry is made, you will be offered a short tour of the nursery by a member of the nursery team. They will be happy to answer and questions or queries you have on the day. Following this, before you decide to take up a place for your child, you will offered a one hour taster session where your child will be able to experience the nursery for themselves. We encourage taster sessions to be without the parent so that we can observe how well your child will settle without you. If your child becomes unsettled then we can arrange for additional taster sessions to take place to support your child’s transition into nursery. If you decide to take up a place for your child, a welcome pack will be provided which will include more information. 

More Information

Come and Take a Look!

All parents are welcome to come and view the Nursery. These appointments can be arranged by telephoning the School Office on 023 9259 3453  or emailing [email protected]