Sports Premium

How the School Sports Premium was used in 2018/19

Allocation £17,770

How it was used Cost Impact
Year F playground redevelopment £5,600

The EYFS places a strong emphasis on the importance and value of daily outdoor experiences for children’s learning and development. At Horndean Infants we take every opportunity to provide our children with excellent outdoor provision that they can access throughout the school day.

The redevelopment of our outdoor area has further strengthened our ability to provide children time and space to enjoy energetic play daily. The structures such as pulleys, mud kitchen and water wall will provide increased co-operative play and learning opportunities, promoting increased physical activity and encouraging the development of both gross and fine motor skills as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The outdoor structures also help to develop shoulder and upper arm strength to aid children in using tools with control such as paintbrushes and pencils for early mark making, this in turn leading to high percentages of children meeting GLD in Writing.

The large portable equipment provides children with the opportunities to make decisions on safety and risk as well as enabling them to work cooperatively to create their own structures.

A robust all weather surface will ensure that the use of this outdoor space is enabled throughout the year.

PE co-ordinator / Senior teacher £6,000

Maintain provision in school while exploring/implementing further options

Increased activity at break and lunchtimes

Support teachers with curriculum PE

Implementation of daily mile – ensures all children participate in a daily physical activity.

Training for PE coordinator & other staff as required £330 Attendance at HCC PE conference, examples of good practise can be shared with teaching staff, improved outcomes for children in lessons
PE Equipment & playtime/lunchtime resources £1500 Purchase of additional PE equipment and resources to support active break/lunchtimes
Lunchtime Activities Leader £2800 Dedicated activities leader at lunchtimes encouraging more active lunchtime play



£1,540 carried forward to academic year 2019-20