Who's Who?

'Parents say this is a friendly school where teachers are supportive and genuinely care for the children and their wellbeing.’
Ofsted, July 2022

Meet Our Senior Leadership Team

Ben Frank


Maria Gleed

Assistant Headteacher

Elisa Buckley

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Meet Our Nursery Team

Clare Ellis-Ware

Nursery Room Leader & SENCo (Level 3)

Jacquie Limburn

Nursery Keyworker (Level 3)

Sian Harrison

Nursery Keyworker (Level 3)

Meet Our Year F Team

Liz Frank

Early Years Lead and Class Teacher

Becca Parr

Learning Support Assistant England Class

Becky Knott

Nursery Lead and Scotland Class Teacher

Louise Grist

Learning Support Assistant Scotland Class

Anne Brotherton

Learning Support Assistant Wales/Scotland Class

Amy Mason and Ellie Savidge (Forest School Lead)

Wales Class Teachers

Linda Fisk

Learning Support Assistant Wales Class

Meet Our Year One Team

Amy Evans

Year One Lead and Italy Class Teacher

Ellie Worley

Ellie Worley

Italy class teacher

Lisa Gaston

France Class Teacher

Louise Ellis

Learning Support Assistant France Class (ELSA)

Charlotte Millichamp

Learning Support Assistant Italy class

Samantha Liversage

Spain Class Teacher

Lucy Kyte

Learning Support Assistant Spain Class

Meet Our Year Two Team

Fran Zeuner

India Class Teacher

Nicki Coel

Nicki Coel

Australia Class Techer

Steph Kewell

Learning Support Assistant China Class

Tanya Holt

Learning Support Assistant Australia Class

Louise Smith

HLTA and Learning Support Assistant India Class

Lauren Gilbert

China Class Teacher

Meet Our 1:1 Learning Support Assistants

Kim Rawlings

Speech & Language Assistant and 1:1 support

Sioux Martin

1:1 Support Assistant

Taz Mahmud

1:1 Learning Support Assistant

Lucy Wright

Lucy Wright

1:1 Support Assistant

Kate Wiggins

1:1 Learning Support Assistant

Lynsey Malpuss

1:1 Support Assistant

Meet Our Administrative Team

Sue Pilkington

Senior Admin Officer

Kirsty Beaves

Kirsty Beaves

Admin Assistant

Diana Robinson

Admin Assistant

Our Lunchtime Supervisors

Becky Franks

Dawn Spencer

Lynsey Malpuss

Emma Hill

Kelly White

Natalie Miller

Jo Christie

Ellen Edwards

Hannah Healy

Sarah Clements